I am a Malaysian. When we were growing up, integration between the different races was an integral part of our lessons taught in schools, and the environment we lived in was one of mixed racial composition.

However, I know what it means to be dominated by races proclaiming superiority and rights over others. Because that is what it is. When there is a racial divide, it is often one race pitting over another.

For the most part, it is due to an innate misconstrued dislike for color, race, or religious beliefs. Where do these feelings take root from?

People immersed with discriminative thoughts are in many ways persecuted themselves by those very kinds of reasoning. They cannot suppress their dislike and resort to hazardous measures and remain the injurious party both in mind and action. They drown themselves in a complex far worse than the discriminated. They drown themselves in what is known as the “insufferable complex.”

I have always wondered why the race of a person is so important. Doesn’t the world today thrive on the capabilities, innovative ideas, and talents of the diverse?

I have written poems on the racial disparity that exists and runs deep in our veins, right from the start of civilization which has denied world-renowned opportunities for the marginalized.

Discrimination against Asians, in this instance, has created precarious living conditions, put lives in danger, indefinitely made a vacuum in the families of innocent victims and traumatized bystanders. It has now become a fearful world to strive in.

It is unfortunate that racial violence still takes place either candidly or discreetly throughout the world today.

More so, in first-world countries where the literacy rate is high, and people have the power and knowledge to reason rationally. I think, to put it bluntly, we have passed the primitive stage of thinking that the world is dominated by only “one color and one race,” and that is, “my color and my race,” a misconception they prefer to believe in.”

It looks like though the world is progressive outwardly, much needs done with peoples’ way of thinking. It is a closed mind that people live with if they believe that Asians or those discriminated against are subversive and an easy target for abusive actions. To a violator, to control is dire, and the need to overcome absolute.

The perpetrators do not hesitate to kill for hate. They derive absolute pleasure in their ability to destroy someone, not of their own race or color. In their minds, they think of it as an achievement to kill people who look and behave differently from them.

Asians as a whole have contributed much to the betterment of the whole world. They have the diligence and spirit to endure trying conditions and often seek avenues that create a better world for themselves and their families.

They are often the building force of a nation. The world needs a foundation of people like them for a country to rise to exceptional standards - hardworking and resourceful.

We should start educating the world about what it means to live amicably and accept differences once again due to the alarming rate of violence against people of different races and colors. Peace should be uppermost in everyone's minds.

Start educating from scratch because from where I am, it appears like the dark ages where people are still slaved and killed off when the opportunity arises.

Would there be a future for our children if this sorry situation continues? It would certainly be a tremendous pressure for them to get on with their lives given all the differences among each other.

Diversity and differences should be embraced with a curiosity that will gain only interest and understanding between all races.

#StopAsianHate #GloriaOh #MichelleWoo #proudtobeAsian


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